Support Your Alma Mater With a College Necktie

There are plenty of different ways to support your alma mater. One of the many ways is by wearing a necktie woven with your school’s insignia. Although a necktie is relatively small in comparison to the rest of normal, everyday attire, it also makes a statement and will be sure to catch everyone’s eye. If you are not quite sure if you could use a necktie with your college or university name on it, here are just a few suggestions on how to make this unique accessory work for you.

First, no one wants to become an unattractive billboard to show off their school pride. Oftentimes school colors are not the most appealing to wear as a sweatshirt or a t-shirt. However, if you have the desire to add some school spirit to an outfit – without parading around bright and overpowering colors – choose a college necktie. It will not only will it allow you to advertise your school but it also keeps the loud colors to a minimum; you won’t become an eyesore. Yet, with a small burst of color, no longer do you have to dread the boring dress code to the formal suit and tie gatherings. Rather than donning a plain ol’ necktie that every other Joe Shmoe has in the room, you can represent your school pride.

College rings are a traditional way to advertise which university you graduated from, but they are expensive and usually very large and gaudy. To support your alma mater, you do not have to wear expensive and ostentatious accessories. College and university neckties provide the right amount of formality and causality that protect the subject from appearing presumptuous in the least. At business meetings, what better way to impress clients than to show them you are educated and dedicated to your college or university without appearing too audacious? The college necktie is a fun way to show the world how much you value your education and experiences from your particular college. It may also make a great ice breaker if you run across a fellow alumnus — or even a college rival!

Many colleges and universities nationwide sell stickers for your car. However, if you should decide to remove the sticker later, there is always the threat of unpleasant sticky residue on your car. Wearing a necktie with your college mascot, name or symbol allows you to show off your colors, while not forcing you to ruin any of your belongings with more permanent types of college paraphernalia.

As a student struggling to find that perfect gift for dad or those hard to shop for male relatives, why not give him a necktie imprinted with the university’s name and colors. Through this special gift, dad, uncle and cousin alike will have the opportunity to boast to all of their coworkers and friends about how accomplished their relative is. Not everyone drinks coffee, so avoid that college mug! Anyone can wear a necktie, and proudly at that!

Most importantly, by wearing a necktie with your college or university logo, you are representing a whole system in a unique and professional manner. Wearing college neckties is an inexpensive way to display parts of your personality, history and experience with the world around you.